Meet Kashmir’s Only Differently-Abled Craftsman, Who Didn’t Let Disability Come In Way Of His Achievement

Mohammed Yousaf Muran, a 65-year-old from Kashmir, has been deprived of speech and hearing power since birth. However, he has defied all odds to follow his heart and emerge as the only differently-abled craftsman in the valley. Muran is a gifted craftsman who carves wood to create sculptures worth lakhs and brings deadwood to life.

A native of Kashmir and resident of the Eidgah area in Srinagar, Muran started carving wood when he was 15 years old. He learned the art of wood carving from his elder brother Abdul Ahad, who was also deaf and mute.

Created Many Masterpieces

After the death of his brother in 2017, Muran carried forward the wood carving work of his forefathers and has created many masterpieces, which include a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain, Kashmiri samovar, Hazratbal Shrine, Kashmiri fire pot ‘Kangri’ among others.

His art of wood carving also includes sculpture in wood, from decorative bas-relief to life-size figures and architectural decorations, India Today reported.

He recently carved an old Kashmir couple on raw wood from scratch, one of his recent creations.

According to the local media, Muran’s family has been carving business for nearly 200 years. They had a unit in Karachi before the partition of India and Pakistan. Their forefathers used to sell carving in Iran through the silk route.

As per Muran’s family, even though he possesses this rare talent, he, unfortunately, has never been recognised by the state government despite showcasing an out-of-the-world talent for so many years.

However, that hasn’t determined his spirit. While his family are delighted and see him working passionately and look at him as a role model, they are unhappy that the government has never come forward to showcase his unique skill set at a national or international forum.

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