Indore dancing cop goes beyond call of duty to help poor kids

Indore dancing cop goes beyond call of duty to help poor kids

Indore dancing cop goes beyond call of duty to help poor kids

Generally, police officers face the wrath of common man when something goes wrong. But there are wonderful officers who go out of their way to help people in need and Indore’s famous dancing cop Ranjeet Singh is one of them.

The well-known Indore traffic constable Ranjeet Singh, who uses dance moves of pop icon Michael Jackson’s to manage traffic in the city, has once again attracted the attention of people. This time, Indore’s dancing cop went beyond his call of duty and helped the two kids to cross the road amid the scorching heat.

On Thursday at 12 noon, two poor children, ragpickers by profession, were crossing the busy High Court crossing on a hot sunny day. The kids faced difficulties and their feet started to burn when they were standing on the road, waiting for the heavy rush of traffic to clear.


“Sir, our feet are burning,” the kids told Ranjeet.

Singh, who was moved by the plight of two poor kids, asked them to bring their feet forward and put them on his feet so that the heat did not bother them. The kids were standing in the same position and crossed the road when the traffic was cleared and the officer also brought them slippers.

On his Twitter handle, the officer shared his experience and wrote, “When the kids kept their feet on mine, it felt as if God had kept his foot. I also brought slippers for those children, but this memory will be engraved in my heart forever.”

The photos of the incident have now gone viral on social media and people have appreciated the noble gesture of the police officer.

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Ranjeet Singh became popular on social media because of the dance moves he uses to manage the traffic in the city. His creative, interesting and fun way of performing his duty made him a local celebrity on social media as people approached him for pictures.

In the month of March, the Ladakh traffic police called him to the UT to fix traffic management problems and provide traffic training to other officers.

Recipient of various awards, including one for traffic management, Ranjeet is quite popular on social media for his dance moves on the chaotic streets of Indore while performing his duty. He also gives moonwalking training to his other colleagues now who were once sceptical of his unique style of working.

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