IGRMS exhibits traditional Ladakhi kitchen

Under the 66th series of its online exhibition by Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, today presented the Chansa- A Traditional Kitchen from Ladakh situated in the Himalayan Village open air exhibition of Manav Sangrahalaya has been presented online with its basic information and photographs and videos.

About this exhibition, Praveen Kumar Mishra, Director, IGRMS said that the coldest desert in India is the Ladakh region. It is also reckoned to be the rocky land or the land with many gaps. It is the highest uninhabited plateau in the world. The altitude of Ladakh ranges from 2750 meters to 7,672 meters. In the Ladakh region, the temperature sometimes dips down to -45°C in winters. The traditional lifestyle of the residents of Ladakh has been adapted to their geographical location.

The local residents make their living by raising sheep and yaks and cultivating Barley on the banks of rivers in summer. People here are very much connected to each other. During the period of cultivation, they share and co-operate one another in the farming activities.

Although the people here are linked with the Aryan civilization, still, most of the population believes in the Buddhism. In the area, none of the house could be seen where Prayer Wheel and Stupas are not installed.

According to their religious belief, rotation of the prayer wheel with chants will dispel all their sins. The people here are joyous and they are akin to celebrate the events to commemorate their culture and history, either it may be a marriage or any festival, the celebration takes place according to their old customs.

About the KUNEMECHE Shrikant Gupta, Sangrahalaya Associate told that – Most of the festivals are linked to their religion and agricultural cycle of the crops where the Losar, Surpula and the Ladakh Festivals being the prime festive events. The 15-day long Ladakh Festival offers a unique glimpse of the age-old culture, civilization, traditions and tribal lifestyle of the Ladakh region.


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