India and China declare to resolve Ladakh LAC dispute amicably

New Delhi – On Saturday, it was reportedly agreed to resolve the Ladakh LAC dispute amicably during the talks between Indian and Chinese military officials. Two days later, there was an official reaction from both countries. However, China is still unwilling to withdraw its troops from parts of the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. At the same time, a hotline has been set up between the two countries’ armies on LAC in Sikkim.


China, India, LAC, LadakhAs expected, the dispute over LAC in Ladakh could not be resolved during the nine-hour discussion that took place on Saturday. Although China has withdrawn its troops from some areas, it does not seem prepared to retreat from Depsang. India has toughened its position on the issue, warning China that it is impossible to reduce tensions over LAC in Ladakh without a complete withdrawal. Moreover, India reprimanded China during the discussions that bilateral relations will not improve unless China established a position on the LAC in April last year.

China feels it would be a disgrace for it to withdraw from the LAC as demanded by India. This could have an impact on Chinese international image. At the same time, China cannot afford to further strain relations with India by deploying its troops in the region. Therefore, once again, the Chinese position on this front is it can neither retreat nor move forward. That is why China is pushing for the border to be handed over to local military authorities, and the two countries should focus on strengthening bilateral ties. But India thwarted this Chinese move, saying it was not possible.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had recently visited India. Some Pakistani analysts have argued that India has made its stand tougher against China following his visit. China is being challenged at various levels by Taiwan, Japan and Australia. At the same time. British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will be patrolling the Taiwan Strait, defying Chinese warnings. The European Union is also preparing to take action against China, and NATO is also claiming that Chinese actions are dangerous.

Pakistani analysts claim that India has shown diplomacy to take a more aggressive stance against China by taking advantage of this situation.


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