Govt striving hard to take Pakistan towards development: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government is striving hard to take Pakistan towards development by utilizing its potential in different sectors.

Addressing a book launching ceremony in Islamabad today (Tuesday), he said Pakistan has immense potential in tourism, agriculture, livestock and other sectors.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is also blessed with natural resources and, unfortunately, the leadership in the past, never gave due attention to these untapped potential.

He said Northern Areas of Pakistan are more beautiful than Switzerland with double in land area and the government is effectively working to boost tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. He said mountain tourism is a unique potential of Pakistan having dozens of highest peaks, including the second highest K-2 in the world.

The Prime Minister said consecutive efforts are being made to bring improvement in the country in all sectors. He said the implementation of rule of law is vital to ensure development of the country and PTI led government will ensure to bring powerful and privileged class under the law.   


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