Canada’s Former Minister Slams Pakistan For Helping Taliban Amid Crisis In Afghanistan

Former Canadian lawmaker and diplomat Chris Alexander has accused Pakistan of engaging in a ‘proxy war and war crimes’ and engaging in an ‘act of aggression’ against neighbouring Afghanistan. Alexander served as Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration from 2013 to 2015 said in a tweet on August 1 that the Taliban insurgents are waiting to cross the border from Pakistan to Afghanistan and called out the deniers of Islamabad’s complicity with the group.

Alexander’s tweet prompted a furious response from Pakistan’s Foreign Office with the latter calling the ex-Canadian minister’s remarks “misleading assertions” and expressed strong objection to the same. It also said in a statement that the politician’s remarks were based on ignorance about the facts on the ground as Afghanistan continues to battle the developments made by the Taliban coupled with a stalling peace process. Pakistan has repeatedly faced backlash for harbouring the Taliban members and then categorically denying the accusations. India has also repeatedly asked Pakistan to cease its support to the extremist group and end cross-border terrorism.

Alexander’s remarks came days after the Afghanistan diaspore held protests across the globe against Pakistan supporting the Taliban group in the war-stricken country. The protests were witnessed in several locations including Washington, Brussels, Denmark, Germany, and the UK. As per reports, the demonstrators also voiced their disagreement with Islamabad’s support for the alleged capture of Gilgit-Baltistan with Beijing’s assistance and abduction of Silsila Alikhil, daughter of Afghan envoy Najibullah Alikhil on July 16.

‘Taliban has changed since 20 years ago’: Ghani

Meanwhile, addressing the increase in Taliban violence, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said that the insurgent group has changed since 20 years ago. He noted that the extremist group’s change has “been negative” and called it more “cruel” in the present day. Ghani delivered the remarks on August 1 during an inauguration event of what the Presidential Palace called “electronic governance.” Afghan President said, “What is their (Taliban militants) change? They have become crueller, more oppressive, more non-Muslim.”

“They have no wish for peace, for prosperity, or progress, we want peace but they won’t surrender (subdued people and government). They will not engage in meaningful negotiations unless the situation changes on the battlefield; therefore, we should have a clear stance. For this, there is a need for a countrywide mobilization,” Ghani added.

(Image Credit: AP)


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