Kolkata to Siachen on cycle-rickshaw: Sateya Das’s journey to highlight global warming

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Sateya Das is no ordinary cycle-rickshaw puller that you would find on the roads of Kolkata. He is a man on a mission to highlight the importance of protecting the environment and saving the planet.

To drive this message, Sateya Das is undertaking an arduous but enthralling journey to the Siachen border from Kolkata’s Bablatala on his cycle rickshaw.

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Sateya Das began his journey on Sunday afternoon. He has already been to Ladakh twice on his cycle rickshaw and this journey will take three months. This time his message is on global warming — Save Water, Save Earth, Save Nature.

He is also carrying 1,000 masks to distribute on his way to Siachen. His journey was flagged off by TMC MLA Tapash Chatterjee.

Sateya Das will go through Manali and return via Srinagar. A documentary titled “Ladakh Chale Rickshawala”, detailing his journey from Kolkata to Ladakh, had won the best adventure film at the 65th National Film Awards.

“I went to Ladakh in 2014 through Srinagar. I had gone with a message on world peace. I went through Manali in 2007. That time I had carried a message on global warming and 5,000 seeds of date palm. I had planted date palm seeds on the roadside. Now in 2021, I am going to the Siachen border. This time the message is global warming, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Nature’, ‘Save Earth’,” Das said.

“I am also carrying a thousand masks to distribute to people. I will request them to wear the mask for their own safety and for the family. The most powerful strength is willpower and it is inside us. It will take three months to reach the Siachen border. I am going to come back on my cycle rickshaw. I will go through Manali and return via Srinagar,” he said.

Das asserted that no one else had attempted to travel to such high-altitudes on a cycle rickshaw.

“I am the only person who has been to Ladakh on a cycle rickshaw. A documentary named ‘Ladakh Chale Rickshawala’ has been made on me. I am being encouraged. I started my journey from Bablatala,” said the rickshaw puller.

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