India-China discussion over the Ladakh LAC issue claimed to have progressed

New Delhi: The 12th round of discussion between the India-China military officials over the issue of Ladakh LAC was concluded fruitfully. The media claimed that this discussion sought some progress. However, the details of this discussion have not been disclosed officially. Moreover, it is unknown whether China has agreed to withdraw its soldiers from Gogra and Hot Spring at the LAC. Unless the withdrawal happens, the LAC tension will not reduce; such is the firm stance of India.   


On Saturday, this discussion was initiated at the Chinese army post in Moldo at the Ladakh LAC. This discussion that started in the morning was concluded at 7:30 in the evening. Neither side has revealed the concluding decision of this meeting. But, the media claims that this discussion was fruitful compared to the earlier rounds. The details of the meeting would be published. But, the media claimed the military officials of both countries have agreed upon reducing the strain at the Ladakh LAC.   

Earlier, Indian and Chinese army officials had agreed not to escalate the LAC conflict between the two nations. India has demanded China establish a situation, same as the one in April last year. This indeed implies that China must withdraw all of its army from the LAC. On 14 July, Indian MEA S. Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi discussed in Dushanbe. At the time, MEA S. Jaishankar had warned that India would never tolerate the attempts to bring a biased change at the LAC. Besides, India is consistently indicating to China that it will not compromise on this demand.   

Furthermore, China made several efforts to make India loosen its stance. But, be it the military might or political might, China could not compel India to change its outlook. So, to reduce the LAC strain, China will have to completely withdraw its army from Gogra and Hot Springs at the LAC. But, China is concerned about retaining its prestige while processing this withdrawal. The 12th round of this discussion indicates the same.   

If it expects financial aid from India, then China must quit the aggression at the LAC. India warned China that peace would not prevail between the two nations by deploying a thousand soldiers at the border. However, by arguing that bilateral cooperation can exist despite army deployment, China looks forward to reducing the LAC tension.   

Besides, after realising that India would use its political might aggressively to counter China’s rigid stance, China has softened its stance. Moreover, China has been warned that India can use the issue of Tibet to entrap it. This point was once again highlighted when US State Secretary Antony Blinken visited India. Thus, this seems to have affected the recent India-China round of discussion.  


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