PTI most popular party in AJK says Gallup Pakistan

According to a survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan, 44 per cent in Azad Jammu and Kashmir think the ruling PTI will win the election scheduled for tomorrow. 12 per cent said they thought Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz will win while 9 per cent said that of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Those surveyed in AJK said the elections would be fair and transparent.

Both the PML N and the PPP have collective 21 per cent popularity compared to 44 per cent popularity of the PTI, said Gallup Pakistan.

The results also showed 67 per cent respondents said Prime Minister Imran Khan was the most trusted political leader followed by Bilawal Bhutto with 49 per cent, then Shehbaz Sharif with 48 per cent rating.

Maryam Nawaz received 44 per cent in popularity.


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