J&K Police Clarify Kanachak Area Drone Drop Linked To Jammu Twin Blasts; Watch

In an update to the Kanachak area drone drop, on Friday, July 23, a hexacopter drone carrying 5kg of IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was shot down by the J&K police. The drone was directed to drop the IEDs to a person who would later plan an attack in the region. 

In a press conference, J&K ADG (Additional Director General of Police) said, “A drone was spotted in the early morning at 1 am. When the drone came down to drop the payload, J&K police successfully shot it down where 5Kg IED was recovered” 

As per the preliminary analysis, the drone was hexacopter which means a six-winged drone constituted of a flight controller and GPS. IED was well packed and attached to the drone. 

In an interesting discovery, ADG said, “Flight controller serial number on this drone and the one recovered in Kathua has just one number difference. This implies that the drones are made in a series”.

He further informed that the shot-down drone is an assembled drone type as it has a few parts made from China, Taiwan, and Hongkong. 

Jammu’s twin blast string links

J&K ADG stated, “Usually, drone payload is dropped through a string. And in a recent discovery, the nature of the string discovered today is similar to airport blast material. This clarifies that the explosives were dropped by a drone concerning the twin blast at Airforce base”.

Briefing on the Kathua drone drop detail analysis, ADG said that nearly 20km line of sight distance the drone can travels and payload capacity 10-12kg.  And as the payload increases the rage capacity declines. The AK-47 dropped earlier had a range of 12-13km.

Further explaining the intelligence data he informed, “For the past 1.5years many weapons have been recovered from dropped drones that include 16 AK-47, 3 M4 US-made rifle, 34 pistols 15 grenades, and 18 IEDs. Even 4lakh currency was found”.

He concluded stating a big accident has been avoided by shooting this drone.

Explosives discovered in J&K

On July 13, about 5 kgs of explosives were dismantled in Jammu’s Samba district. This was reported to be a heavy explosive if triggered, would have resulted in a ‘high magnitude effect’ and evoked irresistible damage. 

Earlier on June 27, a 5kg of IED was recovered from a Lashkar terrorist found around 2-3 km away from the Jammu airport. He was arrested after the security forces found him carrying the explosives. This was reposted after the multiple blasts that occurred in the premises of the technical area of the Jammu airport on the same day. Two blasts were heard within a gap of 5 minutes, the first blast sound is captured in the CCTV at 1.37 am while the second at 1.43 am. 

(Image credit: PTI/UNSPLASH)


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