Drone shot down in Jammu is from same series brought down earlier

Addressing the media, Mukesh Singh, ADGP (Jammu) said the police shot down a hexacopter carrying a payload of 5 Kg IED in Akhnoor area of Jammu, the threads of which were same as those used in the ones for dropping payloads at the AFS Jammu.

“At around 1 a.m. today police shot down the drone when it went down to drop the payload that was around 5 Kg IED material”, the ADGP said.

He said that the serial number of the flight controller used in Friday’s drone is just one digit different from the drone that was earlier shot down at Akhnoor some time back.

“The IED material was packed and almost ready and just to be triggered by connecting a few wires.

“The drone shot down today was a hexacopter with six wings fitted with a flight controller and the GPS.

“The packed IED material was supposed to be picked by someone. We waited for the suspect, but no one turned up.

“It seems that the Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) has assembled many drones with the same series and there is just difference of one digit in the serial number of the one drone recovered earlier from the one shot down today.”

The top police officer said such drones can travel upto 20 km depending upon the payload.



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