Setting up central varsity part of Ladakh’s ‘unshackling from exploitation’

For a region that remained snowbound for six months and whose children had to travel nearly 400 kms to seek admission in a graduate level college, Thursday’s decision to establish a central university comes as a historic development.

The Union cabinet decision to establish a central university as a centre of learning and research, will also address the intellectual imbalance of the region.

Union minister Anurag Thakur made the announcement in Delhi that the central university would be established at a cost of Rs 7,500 crore in Ladakh and the news was received with delight in Leh.

Thakur said the first phase of the university would be completed in four years.

He informed that the Bill to amend the Central Universities Act, 2009 will be introduced to facilitate the formation of the central university in Ladakh.

The jurisdiction of the central university will cover entire Ladakh including Leh and Kargil districts.

People of Ladakh region said the decision marks the fulfilment of their ages old aspiration while local students and scholars said they would work in the fields of science and technology with the objective of making the region an enviable place.

“We have always wished to have a top level higher education centre in Ladakh and the decision to establish a central university will open up new vistas and nurture loftier dreams of our students”, said Sonam Narbu, a resident of Leh town.

In addition to furthering the dreams of the local students and scholars, the central university will also attract Ladakhi teachers and researchers engaged in universities outside the region.

J. Tsering Namgyal, the BJP Lok Sabha member from Ladakh, has always been critical of a left-handed deal the region had been allegedly receiving when it was part of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state.

Thursday’s cabinet decision should give Namgyal reason to celebrate for the establishment of the central university is a milestone in the ‘unshackling of Ladakh’ from darkness and exploitation.




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