Jammu Kashmir: Suspected drone spotted in Satwari

A suspected drone was reportedly spotted in the Satwari area of Jammu and Kashmir, sources informed on Wednesday, July 21.

The National Security Guard had deployed an anti-drone system in the city after a drone attack took place on the Jammu air base last month. The Air Force had also taken measures to prevent any such attack in Jammu and other important airbases across the country. 

The Air Force had also taken steps to prevent any such attack in Jammu and other important airbases across the country. It has also taken stringent steps to address threats from small drones. After the Jammu attack, the number of drone sightings has gone up considerably and there have been numerous instances where the Army and Border Security Forces troops at the border have fired at them.

Previously on July 16, a drone that was seen operating around the Jammu Air Base was picked up by the radars of the anti-drone system deployed by the National Security Guard there.

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