Maryam seeks NRO like concession for Nawaz in AJK polls campaign: Farrukh


ISLAMABAD, Jul 16 (APP):Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Farrukh Habib on Friday said the PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz was seeking an NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) like concession to save her father Nawaz Sharif from prison during her election campaign in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Responding to the public meeting address of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) vice president, the minister said “Maryam was running “Abbu Bachao” campaign in AJK instead of asking people to vote for her party.”

He advised that she should not expect any NRO from Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Farrukh said the PML-N vice president should inform the people about the deep ties of Nawaz Sharif with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jindal family [Indian business man] that forced him to put Kashmir on back burner.

He said Maryam Nawaz did not speak on atrocities and unconstitutional measures taken by Modi in Indian illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir during her election campaign.

She [Maryam] did not even dare to utter a single word over the illegal detention of Hurriyat leaders, he added.

The minister said Maryam did not mention her party manifesto in any of her speech during public meeting of the election campaign.

He said Maryam was obsessed with hatred of Prime Minister Imran Khan as she open her speech remarks with his name and concluded on it.

“Wherever Maryam goes, she first prepares a squad of trained thugs and then tasked them to attack on PTI ministers and candidates,” he said.

Like Gilgit-Baltistan, he said the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir had given their decision in favor of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf, adding July 25 would be the day of PTI’s victory.

Farrukh said Prime Minister Imran Khan had adopted a courageous stance over the Kashmir issue as he was a real advocate of Kashmir.

Imran Khan highlighted the situation in Kashmir at every international fora including the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as during a meeting with Donald Trump [former president of the United States], he added.

He said the prime minister had once again exposed Modi RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) ideology by giving a clear answer to a query of Indian journalist during his visit to Uzbekistan.


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