Delhi gets 36% less rainfall than normal so far

With monsoons arriving on Tuesday, three areas in Delhi have either got normal or excess rainfall.

Delhi’s overall rain deficit, however, still remains 36 per cent, down from over 50 per cent two days ago. The city was expected to get 159.6 mm of rain between June 1 and July 15 but has got only 101.4 mm so far.

Only North Delhi has got excess rainfall – 35 per cent above normal – while North West and New Delhi areas are in the normal range.

There are still 16 states and UTs in the country which have seen lower than normal rains so far. These include Manipur and Ladakh, where rains are 64 per cent and 79 per cent deficient, and Kerala, Gujarat and Delhi, all with rains over 30 per cent below normal.

According to IMD officials, only light rain is expected on Friday and Saturday in Delhi, followed by heavy rain on Sunday and moderate rain on Monday.

On Friday morning, the minimum temperature was recorded at 27 degrees Celsius, normal for this time of the year. The maximum is expected to settle at around 37 degrees Celsius.


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