Won’t allow PM Khan to change AJK status: Maryam

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz repeated on Thursday earlier claims that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government wants to change the status of AJK to a province and she won’t let that happen.

She was addressing an election rally in Hajira subdivision of Poonch district. The deputy speaker Sardar Aamer Altaf is contesting the July 25 election from the PML-N.

Nawaz Sharif’s daughter has been campaigning for the past week, reminding people of her family’s roots to Kashmir and saying the current government was afraid of her father.

Imran Khan’s day begins thinking about Nawaz Sharif, she said, and ends thinking of him, adding that many conspiracies were hatched against him.

“After losing the case of Occupied Kashmir, their eyes are now on Azad Kashmir. Conspiracy to give Kashmir to India was also made in the United States,” she said.

She said no matter how hard Imran Khan’s government made to steal the elections, she was sure every person would vote for Nawaz Sharif. She said she knew people could see through this government’s failed promises of change, adding they sold the issue of Kashmir as well.

She also tweeted images from the election rallies.


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