NSG deploys radar, detects drone near Jammu air base weeks after attack

a group of people standing in front of a bus: Jammu drone attack

Jammu drone attack

In a major success for the security agencies, the anti-drone system deployed by the National Security Guards (NSG) at the Jammu air base managed to pick up a drone flying around three kms away from it and alerted the forces.

“The radar of the anti-drone system managed to pick up a drone on July 13 night and alerted the forces. The drone vanished from the scene soon after,” top intelligence sources told India Today TV. The system was deployed by the NSG in the Jammu sector after the drone attack on the air base three weeks ago.

The NSG has been working on anti-drone systems for long and has created infrastructure facilities to thwart such activities.

Low-flying drones were used to drop two improvised explosive devices (IED) at the Jammu air base on June 27. The likely targets were helicopters parked at the air force station.

The explosives caused minor injuries to two IAF personnel. On June 29, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a top-level meeting to discuss the emerging security threats, including drones.

The IED that pierced the rooftop of one of the IAF buildings at the Jammu airport carried less than one kg of RDX and a cocktail of other chemicals whereas the one that was dropped on the ground contained a little over one kg of the deadly explosives along with some ball bearings, reported PTI.

The National Investigation Agency has taken over the investigation into what was the first instance of Pakistan-based terrorists deploying drones to strike vital installations in India on June 29.


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