Selectors choice: Maryam criticises PM Khan and his policies

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said Prime Minister Imran Khan has wasted what he calls his 22-year-struggle for power.

Addressing a rally in Rawalakot as part of her campaign for the upcoming Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections, she said the premier now himself admits that he is the “selectors’ choice”. His actions are making it clear why he was chosen and not PML-N found Nawaz Sharif was not. He does not know how to take a stand for the people.

If Nawaz Sharif were the prime minister, he would not have let India revoke Kashmir’s special status. “He wasn’t one of those who would bow down when it came to the rights of the people.”

Maryam called Khan “an establishment horse”. She said it does not matter if Imran Khan’s s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf “steals” the Kashmir election because the Kashmiri people have already given their verdict.

The PML-N leader is in Kashmir ahead of the July 25 General Election and has been critical of the ruling PTI government. She has claimed that the PTI is planning to rig the polls.

Four PML-N ministers, a presidential adviser, and assembly members have reportedly left the party. Sardar Mir Akbar and Chaudhry Shehzad Mehmood, who are members of the legislative assembly, are expected to join PTI, along with Ali Raza. Sardar Sikander and his son Revenue Minister Farooq Sikander will join the Muslim Conference, while Raja Abdul Qayyum has returned his PML-N election ticket.

Aijaz Yousaf has decided to contest the election on an

independent seat.

This year, 32 political parties across the country are

competing for the AJK elections.

Over 2.8 million voters have been registered in Azad Kashmir

and 0.4 million in Jammu.

A ban has been imposed on the approval of developmental

projects, inaugurations, and foundation stone laying ceremonies, and inspectionof development projects in the region.

The election commission has also imposed a ban on transfers,

promotions, and new appointments in all government institutions. <!–

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