Mira is missing Shahid ‘so much’

Saiyami in Ladakh…Tripti overcomes fear…

Photograph: Kind courtesy Mira Rajput/Instagram

‘You make my heart skip a beat.. or three or four. FaceTime just doesn’t cut it #missyousomuch,’ Mira Rajput Kapoor tells hubby Shahid Kapoor.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Mammootty/Instagram

Mammootty reveals his book collection and writes, ‘An ocean of knowledge. I must have read but a few drops.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Tripti Dimri/Instagram

Tripti Dimri tells us how she got over her fear of dogs: ‘This little one quietly came and sat next to me…. And I didn’t get scared at all.

‘You might think what’s the big deal in that.. But trust me..people who know me from long know that I was cynophobic for a really long time.. Can’t even tell you what all I have done to avoid any kind of encounter with dogs…

‘I would stay away from those ‘dog areas…would simply avoid visiting friends or family who had a pet dog….if I was going somewhere and a dog came in my way.. I would change the route….

‘Then two years back my flatmate got a dog home.. We call her ziggy…the first dog I ever touched..and played with and she changed the game for me..I used to be shitt scared of her too even though she was hardly a month old when I first met her..

‘I would just keep avoiding her…. She would come to play with me and I would just run away… it was damn funny for my flatmates… then one fine day I shut my eyes and put my hand in her mouth..and to my surprise she didn’t bite me..

‘She just licked my hand.. and looked super cute doing that.

‘I guess that’s how I got over my fear of dogs.

‘I won’t say that the fear has vanished but today I can understand their body language….touch them…play with them….and be comfortable when dogs are around.

‘Its taken me too long to realise that dogs are lovely creatures..they love human beings and love to be loved just as much.

‘So ..if you have cynophobia… just try and pat a dog today you’ll only get love in return.

‘After all there’s only love and happiness on the other side of fear.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Saiyami Kher/Instagram

Saiyami Kher, who shot the film Wild Dog in Ladakh, tells us, ‘Work brought me back to this place I love so much after 5 long years. So many memories came rushing back because I shot my first film Mirzya here.

‘During shoot I was so overwhelmed and humbled by the vastness around me that I’d sit for hours looking into mountains, absorbing everything.

‘It’s almost as though the silence was talking to me. Like it was telling me that there was something so much larger than me at play. I didn’t know what it was..But whoever or whatever it was, there was something transcendent about this place.

‘The air here is just as pure as its people. 3 days ago when we were driving back from Tsomoriri, the road forked into two paths. Unable to decipher which one to take, we went right. After driving for nearly fifteen minutes, we realized that the path led nowhere. So we backtracked and 30 mins later we were back on the correct road.

‘Out of nowhere, our driver, Dorjayji jumped out of the car and walked to the wrong turn. In the blazing sun, he picked up three humangous rocks and blocked that road completely. Smiling, he came back into the car and stated, “Humarey jaise koi aur bhatak nahi jayega abhi.”

‘With no vanity attached, he effortlessly just saved others after us the trouble of losing their way!

‘It made me think for a moment. Maybe, it’s just simple people like Dorjay doing simple things that we often forget in our “busy” lives which makes this place so pure.

‘To the place where peoples’ hearts are just as big & gracious as the mountains, thank you!

‘See you soon Ladakh.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Samantha Akkineni/Instagram

Samantha Akkineni looks glam. Nothing like her Raji in Family Man 2…

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sargun Mehta/Instagram

Sargun Mehta is all ready to shoot.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Daisy Shah/Instagram

‘This is what my productive day looks like… A good book to read. Lots of cuddles with my baby,’ shares Daisy Shah.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Karishma Tanna/Instagram

Karishma Tanna is all dressed up.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shweta Tiwari/Instagram

Shweta Tiwari takes in nature.


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