AJK Elections: Journalists barred from sharing ‘unconfirmed’ news

A meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission was held on Wednesday to finalise the code of conduct for journalists for the upcoming elections.

Raja Muhammad Farooq Niaz, a senior member of the
Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commission, chaired the meeting in which the code
of conduct for print, electronic and social media was finalised.

They decided that print, electronic and digital
journalists will not share any unconfirmed news. They have been directed to
provide “credible information and guidance to the general public regarding the
holding of peaceful and  an impartial  conduct of the elections and
will provide information to the people about the importance of the elections.”  

The entry pass for media coverage will be issued according to the list of media persons provided by the secretary of information.

Direct access in the control room by the print, electronic, and media groups will not be allowed.

Ten to 15 journalists will be allowed to cover the
voting at polling stations in every district.

The permission for this coverage will, however, be
granted on the recommendations of the information secretary.

The media has been barred from making videos of vote counting.

The polling staff deputed for polling duty will cast
their votes on July 18 (Sunday) at the office of their returning officers.

According to the election commission, these votes
will be counted on July 25.


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