‘Laal Singh Chaddha’: ‘Environmentalist’ Aamir Khan slammed for littering Ladakh

Last updated on Jul 13, 2021, 02:21 pm

'Laal Singh Chaddha': 'Environmentalist' Aamir Khan slammed for littering Ladakh
Allegations have emerged against ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ team for littering Ladakh shooting site

Aamir Khan and his team are in Ladakh currently to shoot certain important sequences for Laal Singh Chaddha. A few days ago, Telugu star Naga Chaitanya had joined them, a photo of which was shared online. The team has now come back in limelight, but for an unflattering reason. They have been accused of littering the shooting spot in Wakha village, Ladakh. Here’s more.


YouTuber shared littered patch of terrain, highlighted Khan’s hypocrisy

On July 8, Twitter user Jigmat Ladakhi shared a video capturing how the pristine terrain of Wakha has been irresponsibly littered by plastic bottles, tire-tracks and footsteps. “This is the gift Bollywood star Amir Khan.. has left for the villagers of Wakha in Ladakh,” the YouTuber wrote. He targeted Khan for preaching “environmental cleanliness” on shows, but not following it. Hypocrisy much, Mr. Perfectionist?

Twitter Post

Here is the tweet

‘Budget in crores, didn’t bother to clean place before pack-up’

'Budget in crores, didn't bother to clean place before pack-up'

Asking Bollywood to “wake up,” the user said, “Seems these people lost their civic senses!” The video has been viewed over 21.7K times and has more than 1,500 likes on Twitter. Netizens criticized the crew, pointing out their “film budget [is] in crores [but they] didn’t even bother to clean the place before pack up.” “Kindly maintain the beauty of the place,” wrote another.

Sources said video was shot much before shooting began

While the team is yet to address these allegations, the press quoted sources close to the production house to state the clip is “an old video, shot much before the shooting of the film began in Ladakh.” Meanwhile, another user shared unverified pictures of Khan’s Rang De Basanti‘s shooting location at Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary, alleging they had rendered it a “dumpyard for bear bottles.”

Team to return to Mumbai by July end: Reports

Team to return to Mumbai by July end: Reports

Khan & co. are reportedly shooting a war sequence in Kargil and Ladakh, and have a three-week schedule there. In fact, the entire team is supposed to return to Mumbai by the end of the month. Thereafter, the final schedule will be shot in Mumbai in September. Before this, Khan had trended for announcing separation from Kiran Rao after 15 years of marriage.


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