“Such hypocrites”: Aamir Khan called out for polluting Ladakh after Laal Singh Chaddha shoot [Video]

Aamir Khan and the team of Laal Singh Chadha have been called out for polluting Ladakh. Aamir and the team were shooting for a part of the film in Wakha, a village in Ladakh. And now, native people have shared several videos and photos of the place where they had been shooting.

People have been calling out the Laal Singh Chaddha team for leaving behind pollution and damage to the eco-friendly place.

Naga Chaitanya from the sets of Aamir Khan's Laal Singh Chaddha

Naga Chaitanya from the sets of Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha

“This is the gift Bollywood star Amir Khan’s upcoming movie Lal Singh Chaddha has left for the villagers of Wakha in Ladakh. Amir Khan himself talks big about environmental cleanliness at Satyamev Jayate but this is what happens when it comes to himself,” said a person while sharing a video. Plastic bottles, empty cans, wastes were seen lying on the ground where they had shot.

This is the kind of havoc the crew is creating with the undisturbed environment. Wake up so-called Bollywood stars!! Seems these people lost their civic senses!!,” the person further wrote. And ever since, social media has called out the actor for not standing true to his words.

“Preacher only for the screen, real life hypocrite,” said one user. Another said, “This is what happens when you treat movie stars as your God“. One more user wrote, “They should be fined and heavily for this.”

“Please, don’t neglect this irresponsibility done by the members of Lal Singh chada movie makers along with amir khan ! They should be fined and esteemed members of Ladakh should take strict actions ! _ student,” another one wrote.

“Why those officials who are responsible for issuing permits would not impose hefty penalties so that he rememberers for his life,” opined another.


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