Ladakh Becomes First UT To Achieve 100 Per Cent First Dose Vaccine Coverage; Guest Population Jabbed Too

In a positive development, the Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh has emerged as the first UT in the country to have inoculated all its residents and the “guest population” against COVID-19 with the dose of the vaccines, reports Times of India.

The “guest population” includes the likes of migrant labourers, hotel workers and Nepalese citizens who are earning their livelihood in Ladakh. The UT is also said to have given a priority to hotel workers and taxi/public transport drivers, labourers and handymen.

The development gains much significance despite the UT’s small population, as Ladakh is known for its challenging terrain, extreme weather and isolated centres of population, many of which are also difficult to access.

The feat comes in less than three months since the third phase of COVID-19 vaccination covering the 18-44 age group was launched in the country.

As per official data, a total of 89,404 people of all eligible groups have been administered the first dose in the UT. Meanwhile, 60,936 people have also been administered the second dose.


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