11 more healthcare workers infected with Covid-19

ISLAMABAD: In last 24 hours 11 more healthcare workers infected while battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan soaring total of infected health professionals to 16,671, ARY News reported Saturday.

In 24 hours six more doctors and five other hospital stall infected with coronavirus, sources said.

According to sources at the Ministry of National Health, so far 9,966 doctors, 2,374 nurses and 4,331 other staff of hospitals have contracted the coronavirus.

According to sources, 306 infected health workers have been under treatment at homes and 15 admitted in hospitals.

While battling the deadly virus outbreak in the country 164 healthcare workers have lost their lives, the sources said.

Overall 16,186 health workers have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the medical workers infected by the virus and deceased belong to Sindh. As per the province-wise breakup, in Sindh, 5,865 health workers were infected by coronavirus while 57 died in the disease.

In Punjab, 3,477 healthcare workers contracted the coronavirus and 29 of them died. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 3,963 healthcare workers were diagnosed with the Covid-19 and 44 of them died.

In Islamabad, 1,522 medical workers contracted the coronavirus and 13 of them died. In Balochistan 843 healthcare workers and in Azad Kashmir 751 health workers contracted the coronavirus and 09 of them died in each region.

While in Gilgit-Baltistan, 250 health workers contracted coronavirus and three of them died.


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