Firing range named after Vidya Balan in Kashmir

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Basking in the success of her recently released `Sherni` and making the nation proud by emerging as the only actor from among 395 new invitees to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the governing body behind the Oscars, Vidya Balan achieves yet another feat as a military firing range in Gulmarg, Kashmir is named after the actress.

Creating imprints nationally as well as internationally, Vidya Balan has been making headlines for various milestones. The actress attended the `Gulmarg Winter Festival` organised by the Indian Army in Kashmir, earlier this year. Honouring the varied accomplishments of Vidya Balan, the Indian Army named a military firing range in Gulmarg as the `Vidya Balan Firing Range`.

Proving to be an inspiration with her beliefs and choices of characters, Vidya Balan has been a pioneer in advocating for women empowerment and several social issues, breaking stereotypes and social stigma around self love, body positivity, amongst many others.

An influential icon, Vidya Balan has depicted strength, independence and courage through her characters on screen as well as values off screen. Honouring the achievements of Vidya Balan, Indian Army aptly named the firing range after the actress.

Bollywood`s powerhouse of talent, touted as the versatile queen of content, Vidya Balan has carved her own path to success with diverse performances and characters over the years, making her one of the most brilliant actors of Indian Film History.

Enjoying the success of her recently released film `Sherni`, Vidya Balan is currently gearing up for her upcoming film with Tumhari Sulu director Suresh Triveni.

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