Pakistani Drone Entering India Flies Back Home After Being Welcomed With Firing From BSF

If either of India or Pakistan had two bullets and were locked in a room with one another along with the duo of Hitler and Bin Laden, we know exactly who’d be shot twice. (America loses anyhow.)

We know India and Pakistan, despite being neighbors, haven’t really the best of friends and their relationship isn’t going to get any better with China continuing to maintain a weird relationship with Islamabad.

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Well, as if things hadn’t really been hard enough for us Indians, with COVID and last year’s long India-China stand-off in eastern Ladakh, now Pakistan is trying to fire cheap shots at our nation.

In what is the latest occurrence of Pakistani drone activity within India, a small hexacopter drone belonging to Pakistan was seen trying to cross over to the Indian border on Friday (July 02).

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As per reports, the surveillance drone was marauding around the Arnia sector in Jammu in the wee mornings before it was spotted by the Indian troops.

Well, obviously, like all of us, the Indian troops sure had it enough with these ‘Nadaan Parindas’ trying to sneak into our territory, and they gave it a perfect welcome. By firing right at it.

“A drone from Pakistan entered the Indian territory at the International Border (IB) in the Arnia area of Jammu district on Friday morning, said the Border Security Force (BSF). After BSF jawans opened fire, they flew back into Pakistani territory,” said officials.

The drone, which was probably on its usual stroll miles into the neighboring country’s border, resorted by flying for its life and by now, must be gasping for some breath on the desk of a Pakistani tech official.

“Due to the firing, it returned immediately. It was meant for carrying out surveillance of the area,” the BSF officials said.

Since the last week, there have been at least five drone activities that have been reported across Jammu.

On the night of June 27, two drone activities were successfully thwarted by Indian troops near the Ratnuchak-Kaluchak Military Station along the Jammu-Pathankot national highway.

Last Sunday, there had been two blasts that had been carried out by drones in the technical area of Jammu Air Force Station.

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Well, with the recent showing, it looks like India has had enough of Pakistani drones and their flying bull****.


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