No letup in outages as power shortfall reaches 6,000 MW

As the country is in the grip of an extreme heatwave, the unannounced loadshedding has made people’s lives hell. They find no letup in the scorching heat while the power shortfall has reached 6,000MW on Thursday.

The duration of the loadshedding has reached 8 to 10 hours in urban areas and 12 hours in rural areas across the country.

According to the sources in the power division, the total production of electricity is 19,000 Megawatt while its demand is 25,000MW. From wind power, 4,000MW is being generated while the government thermal power plants are producing 2,000MW electricity.

In the Iesco region, the power shortfall is 500MW. The demand for the power in the region is 2,200 while 1,700MW electricity is being provided to it. In urban areas of Islamabad, there is a one hour power outage after every four hours. In Rawalpindi and adjoining areas, power remains off after every two hours.

Different areas in Lahore including Sadr Cantt, Chungi Amarsidhu, Raiwind and its adjoining areas witnessed long power outages. The maximum temperature of Lahore will remain 43 degree Celsius today.

In Narowal, the announced loadshedding exceeded the excruciating 15 hours.

Long spells of power outages were witnessed in Mardan and Takhtbai. Not only the residential consumers are suffering hard by the outages and overbilling, the business community are also facing difficulties due to unannounced load shedding.

According to the weather report, there is a forecast of dust storm and thunderstorm along with rain in upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Islamabad and Potohar tonight.

However, according to the report, most areas in Punjab would remain in the grip of extreme heat while there is a chance of dust storm, thunderclap, and rain in some areas of Lahore and Gujranwala today.

The weather will remain hot and dry in the upper and central Sindh. Most areas in Balochistan will experience extreme hot and dry weather conditions. However, there is a chance of rain in Barkhan and its adjoining areas in the evening or night.

The maximum temperature was recorded at Sibbi where the mercury level touched 49c; Dadu 48; Jacobabad, Bhakkar and Dera Ismail Khan 47c; Islamabad 44c; Lahore 44c; Karachi 35; Peshawar 46; Quetta 36; Gilgit 35; Muzaffarabad 43; Murree 31; Faisalabad 44; and Multan 43 degree Celsius.


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