Shaheer Sheikh on World Doctor’s Day:These warriors have been fighting at the front line 24×7 for us

Last year, Covid-19 hit the world hard and the pandemic which affected millions of people around the globe, continues to take its toll everywhere. Our lives came to a standstill, with lockdowns, quarantines and work from home for most of us but this rule wasn’t applicable for the Corona warriors out there.

The health workers, especially the doctors have been working non-stop, in providing care for their patients and helping them recover and cope with this deadly disease.

This World Doctor’s Day, actor Shaheer Sheikh feels gratitude towards doctors, who have been working tirelessly and non-stop through the last 15 months.

Sharing his thoughts on World Doctor’s Day, the star, who recently wrapped up his shoot in Ladakh and is back in the bay, says, “Doctors are considered to be next to Gods and this pandemic has indeed proved that correct. With these warriors fighting for us non-stop at the front line 24×7, I think every day should be celebrated as World Doctor’s Day. Leaving their families back home and keeping their own safety aside, a doctor’s hard work is something to be grateful for. I want to salute all these brave warriors and thank them for their duty.”

On work front, Shaheer is currently shooting in Mumbai for his show Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi… Nayi Kahani



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