J K’s Rajouri district bans use of drones after attack on Jammu IAF station

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Days after an Indian Air Force (IAF) camp was bombed by armed drones in Jammu, the administration in the bordering district of Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir has issued orders banning storage, sale, possession, use and transport of drones.

As per the order issued on Wednesday by Rajouri District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar, those having drones or similar objects in their possession shall deposit them with the local police station.

“Those having already the drone cameras/flying objects or toys or like objects in their possession shall get the same deposited with the local police station against proper receipt,” the order states.

This order however exempts government agencies that use drones for mapping, surveys and surveillance. In order to use drones, these agencies will have to inform the local police station in-charge and executive magistrate about it.

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An IAF station in Jammu was bombed twice using drones in the early hours of Sunday. Two air force personnel suffered minor injuries in the attack.

This was arguably the first instance of Pakistan-based terrorists deploying drones to strike vital military installations in India.

The explosions took place around 1.40 am within six minutes of each other.


The district magistrate said it has been observed that anti-national elements are using drones and flying objects to cause damage, injury and risk to the human lives in certain parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

“It has also been noticed that for the last 10-15 years, the domestic use of small drone cameras has also increased in society for capturing photos and videos in the social and culture gatherings, and particularly the youth are more fascinated to have use of drone like toys and electronic gadgets.”

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“.In the current situation, to avoid any confusion and to secure the aerial space near the vital installations and highly populated areas, it is rationale and expedient to discontinue the use of any drone/small flying toys/objects in all social and cultural gatherings to eliminate any risk of injury to the life and property,” the order said.

Violation of this order shall attract punitive action as warranted under relevant law.

Rajouri’s Senior Superintendent of Police has been tasked to ensure implementation of the order in “letter and spirit”.

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