‘Defence personnel spotted drones entering Jammu Air Base’

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New Delhi: A Defence Security Corps sentry deployed on a watch tower guarding the perimeter of the Indian Air Force base in Jammu had on Sunday observed two drones flying over the station around 30 seconds before they dropped bombs and moved out, sources said on Wednesday.

“The DSC sentry was alert and keeping a watch when he observed two small drones like the ones used in marriages entering the air space and within around 30 seconds, there were loud explosions,” sources told ANI.
“Another Air Force personnel also heard the noise of sound of the drones while he was working in his cabin near the ATC tower,” the sources said.
The sources said the alertness of the two personnel has helped in estimating that the drones used for the attacks at the Air Force station last Sunday, were battery operated which could have a range of around 10-12 km and also the direction from which they came for the attack.
The two personnel would now be giving statements to the National Investigation Agency which has been given the task of probing this attack.
Multiple agencies have been involved and all the air bases have been put on high alert to prevent any such possible attack by terrorists.
Two drones were used to carry out an attack inside the Air Force base in Jammu on Sunday, sources said. “There is no damage to any aircraft in the blasts. Two personnel suffered minor injuries,” they said.


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