Close to 45% of 45+ age group have got single dose, shows Health Ministry data

Close to 45% of the eligible 45-plus population has been covered by even a single dose of Covid-19 vaccination, government statistics have revealed.

Daily average vaccination has been recorded as 2.35 lakh doses in January, 3.77 lakhs in February, 16.39 lakhs in March, 29.96 Lakhs in April, 19.69 lakhs in May, and 40.35 lakhs in June 2021, said officials.

The ministry of health and family welfare data has shown that 44.8% of India’s population above 45 years has been covered by at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Around 11.3% of this age group is fully vaccinated.

About 23 of the 36 states and union territories have covered population more than the national average of 44.8%. The highest vaccination coverage is in Tripura which has inoculated 97.9% of the 45-plus age group with at least a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. It is followed by Ladakh at 89.3%, Sikkim at 88.6% and Lakshadweep at 88.5%.

In the 18-44 age group, which had become eligible from May 1, India has covered 14.71% of the population with a single dose. Daman and Diu has covered 73.21% of its youth population with a single dose, followed by Sikkim at 70.65% and Ladakh at 49.19%. A bigger worry for the government has been the coverage of healthcare workers with Covid-19 vaccine. The government’s vaccination drive, which kicked off on January 16, had been initiated with the inoculation of healthcare workers. Even six months on, only 61.9% of the targeted population has been fully vaccinated.

This coverage is 49.1% in frontline workers –– the second priority group targeted in the drive.


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