Jammu drone attack aimed at projecting ‘worsening situation’ in UT

The drone attacks in Jammu appear to be aimed at projecting internationally that the situation in Jammu & Kashmir was worsening and that locals were involved in perpetuating “violence” in the backdrop of “stifled political process”, people who specialise on security affairs said.

Pakistan and terror groups backed by it want to project, especially before the Democrat administration in the US, that the human rights situation had worsened in J&K, frustrating the locals, after the Modi government scrapped Article 370 and kept the political process in abeyance, they said.

Democrats have traditionally focussed on human rights issues world over and try to champion the cause of the victims of human rights violations. “Pakistan perceives that the current US administration is pushing India on human rights issues and probably felt that this was an opportune time to create a narrative against New Delhi on this issue,” according to former deputy national security adviser SD Pradhan. “Human rights issue” in Kashmir have been on the radar of Democrats for decades even as the Indo-US partnership continued to grow.

The Pak-based terror groups and their backers may also be trying to shift the focus to locals in J&K to avoid scrutiny by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Pradhan said. Pakistan continues to remain on the FATF Grey List.

Signs of the recent attacks were visible since 2018 when drones began to be used for sending explosives and arms by Pak-based terrorist outfits from Pakistan, claimed one of the experts cited above.

“This certainly adds a worrisome dimension of terrorism. It provides higher level of anonymity and without the loss of a suicide bomber. While radars used for larger aircraft are ineffective to notice smaller drones, there are technologies like laser and electro-magnetic pulses available to disorient the GPS systems of drones. The current attack provides a good case study to see how we can improve for the protection of critical zones,” this expert said.

Pak-based Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taibbyya’s role has been suspected behind the drone attack. Incidentally, the attack was carried out days after the Prime Minister met top leaders from J&K to discuss the political process.


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