Day After Jammu Twin Blast, Army Spots 2 Drones Over Kaluchak Military Camp

Two drones were spotted at the Kaluchak military station in Jammu in the early hours of Monday, June 28.

According to News18, one Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was noted hovering inside the Army base at 11:30 PM and another at 1:30 AM. On noticing the drone activity, the Army jawans reportedly opened fire in an attempt to neutralise them.

Reports mentioned that the region outside the station was immediately cordoned off and a search operation was initiated.

First-Of-Its-Kind Drone Attack

This has come a day after two explosive-laden drones crashed into the Indian Air Force Base At Jammu airport in the early hours of Sunday.

The crash reportedly caused two low-intensity explosions with one causing minor damage to the roof of a building while the other exploding in an open area.

The explosions, which occurred at 1.37 AM and 1.42 AM on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, injured two Air Force personnel, reported The Indian Express.

Drone Flown Up To 12 Km From Pakistan Border

The International Border is 14-15 km away from the Indian Air Force camp in Jammu. Previously, a drone had travelled up to 12 km on the Indian side in the Jammu region. However, regarding the twin blast, officials have opined that the device could also have been controlled from the Indian territory, The Indian Express reported.

Case Registered

Police have registered a case under Sections 16 and 18 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. It is related to the conspiracy and commission of a terrorist attack. Some suspects have been summoned by the police for questioning. Teams of NIA and the National Security Guard (NSG) have taken up the investigation matter.

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