Twin blasts target Indian military base at Jammu Airport: Indian media

Twin blasts target Indian military base at Jammu Airport: Indian media

Two Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel were injured as, according to the Indian media, twin blasts took targeted an Indian military base at the Jammu Airport during the early hours of Sunday.

The blasts, as per Indian media, were caused by drones while another IED explosive, meant to be planted at a “crowded place” was discovered ad the plot was foiled, reports quoted Indian police as saying.

Two IAF personnel were injured in the blast, which took place a little before 2:00 am at the airport.

“Reports say the explosions, the first at 1.37 AM and the second at 1.43 AM, were heard a km away,” says the NDTV.

One of the bombs, as per the report, damaged the roof of a building in the technical section while the other exploded in an open area.

“Drones with payload were used in both the blasts at Jammu airfield. Another crude bomb was found by the Jammu police,” Jammu and Kashmir police chief Dilbagh Singh told news agency ANI, adding that this IED was to be detonated at a “crowded place”.

Indian Police have registered an FIR under the anti-terror Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The Act allows the arrest and detention of suspects up to six months without evidence.

IAF teams, forensic data experts, and others are currently investigating the blasts, says an Indian media report.

So far, there have been no reported flight disruptions due to the attack. The Jammu airport is a dual-use facility managed by the IAF. It is also used to operate passenger flights.


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