Reality Bites: Love from Kashmir

I’m trying very hard to be positive for a change, and hoping that those Dear Despot dolls will do wonders for India. See, it’s like a never-ending purchase: First you buy the doll. Then kids, inspired by the Dear Despot, will clamour for more outfits and accessories like his favourite granny shawls, weird headgear, clip-on beards like the forked one, the unkempt Amar Chitra Katha sadhu one, etc.

It won’t end there, oh no! They will also demand two jumbo jets, a new Parliament building, a new house and whatever else it is the Dear Despot is currently buying (also with our money)! After that, parents will be poor, but the economy will be booming and, like those Kashmiri leaders, we may start praising the Dear Despot too.

(Any resemblance with real events or people is a coincidence)


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