Batra group partners Wheebox

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 27: The Batra Group has joined hands with one of the leading global online testing companies, Wheebox, to take online exams to the colleges and universities spanning Kashmir and Ladakh.
Wheebox is a SaaS organisation that combines future tech platform and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence for conducting distributed, large-scale exams, serving over 1000+ Enterprise Companies, 700+ Higher Education Institutions, and 10+Government bodies in India.
One of the large players in Asian Remote Proctored Testing, it conducts over a million assessments in a month through AI-enabled proctoring for large Universities and Colleges in India and helps several Government Agencies for certifications.
Joining hands with the Batra Group will aim at taking the online testing and other AI-enabled solutions to revolutionize the examination system across the country, starting with the beautiful landscapes of Kashmir and Ladakh.
Nirmal Singh (CEO, Wheebox) says, “In 2018, when the technology was evolving, we realized the opportunities that would arise in present-day market and brought up solutions that will help our clients conduct affordable on-demand, automated, proctored tests at scale, enabling a seamless experience for the candidates.”
“No one size fits all, and hence the Wheebox custom-made assessments are designed and developed after a thorough analysis taking in consideration the customers’ pain areas and requirements, enabling drastic reduction in their examination infrastructural costs and turnaround time,” he further said.
“This would provide users with clearly structured plans for conducting high-stake examinations, and the ability to generate great results, a win-win situation for both the client and the testing company,” he maintained.
Davinder Batra, Managing Director, Batra group said: “We are looking forward to work with Wheebox jointly in J&K and Ladakh , they are the leaders in the field of online assessment and remote proctored exams in India. They are already serving the top universities and colleges across India, now the same facility is available to Universities, colleges and schools in J&K and Ladakh. They have robust technology which can work in the remotest areas on a 2G network also and the solutions we are going to provide will be very cost effective.”


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