2 drones spotted at Kaluchak military station in Jammu

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Two drones were spotted at Kaluchak military station in Jammu on the intervening night of June 27-28. One Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was seen flying inside the Army base at 11.30 pm and another at 1.30 am. Alert Army jawans fired at the drones to neutralise them.

“Two quadkopters were spotted on a stretch of the Kaluchak-Purmandal road on the Jammu Pathankot national highway. The suspected objects were flying near the Kalucheck military station,” police told India Today.

The army personnel fired around 20-25 rounds at the drones before they escaped under the cover of darkness. A large-scale search is underway inside the Kaluchak military station to locate the two drones.

A high alert has been sounded in the Jammu area, particularly in Army stations.

More details are awaited.

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The incident comes a day after the drone strike on the Air Force Station Jammu. In a first of its kind attack, drones were used to drop explosives into the high security technical area of the Jammu airport. Two blasts took place in the early hours of Sunday; one ripped a hole in the roof of a building, while the other explosion was on the ground in an open space.

The Jammu & Kashmir Police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are probing the terror strike.

Two suspects have been detained in connection with the case. IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, who is in Bangladesh on an official visit, is constantly monitoring the situation in Jammu.

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