Bhim Singh questions fate of Instrument of Accession

Bhim Singh questions fate of Instrument of Accession

Kashmir Times. Dated: 6/27/2021 1:29:38 AM

NEW DELHI, Jun 26: Panthers Party chief Prof. Bhim Singh says he was the only leader among those from Jammu and Kashmir to raise the fate of the Instrument of Accession that was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh with Governor General Lord Mountbatten on October 26, 1947 in a meeting with the Prime Minister on Thursday.

The instrument, which was covered in Clause 3 of Article 370 removed by the government in 2019, needs to be ratified even at this late stage by the Indian Parliament, he says in a statement, stressing that all leaders, historians and political activists should ponder over this constitutional question.

Bhim Singh, who was the last of the seven speakers at the meeting of the J&K leaders with the Prime Minister, also questioned absence of Ladakh, which was a constituent of the J&K state right from 1846 when then Maharaja Gulab Singh founded the state.

He has a grudge at the Indian media on its silence on the message conveyed to the people of India by this meeting. He expressed surprise that the media failed to catch the contents of the speeches made by representatives of three state-recognised political parties — National Conference, PDP and Panthers Party.


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