Inspired by Dad: Why these women bikers love their motorcycles

Kids are usually encouraged to climb every mountain and, in this case, they also got the inspiration and support to ride it. For there are a few women bikers out there who are connected by their passion for riding on open roads with a gorgeous landscape for company. But they also have another common bond – their fathers. They chat with Bombay Times about how their dads have inspired them to take to motorcycling, to tackle a rough trail and also learning all about bikes before starting out.
‘My father’s passion towards motorcycles drives me to one day buy my own motorcycle’


Tesmina Sheikh is yet to get started with solo riding, but she can’t wait to do so, thanks to her father, Akhtar Sheikh. She says, “I have grown up listening to my father’s stories and his thrilling expeditions across remote locations in the country. His passion towards motorcycles drives me to one day buy my own motorcycle one day and experience the motorcycling way of life. On Father’s Day, recently, we went on a ride as the lockdown was finally lifted. It was a fun ride where I learnt many things about safety precautions such as the importance of wearing helmets, the right posture for riding and about different types of motorcycle engines. My father has always been my source of inspiration and it is my dream that one day I will go on a long ride with him.”

‘My father supported me to cover Sach Pass and Spiti in the same ride’


Dimple Singh, an avid biker has been on several trails across India. She says, “It is said that not everyone can ride a Bullet. My father, an avid motorcycle rider in his days owned a legacy Royal Enfield bullet – The Machismo 350 (discontinued now) and he taught me to ride my first two-wheeler when I was in the 11th grade. In 2018 when I purchased my first motorcycle, I instantly felt a connection with the motorcycle because I felt proud to carry the motorcycling legacy of my family. Soon after, I took my father on a ride to the famous motorcyclers’ spot on the Mumbai-Dahanu highway – Ahura Hotel 2018.” She decided to further her passion for travel and motorcycling. “I wanted to take up a greater challenge and so I decided to do something that was never done before – to cover Sach Pass and Spiti in the same ride,” she reveals.
This being a tricky terrain, it needed some planning and thought. Adds Dimple, “While everyone said it was not possible, my father supported me all through. It was that belief that helped me win the India Book of records for the youngest person to cross the dangerous terrain. Both my father and I are adventurous people, and since we have both never been to Ladakh it is my dream to ride with my father through the scenic and adventurous terrain, once things settle.”

‘Dad motivated me to buy an upgraded version of my motorcycle and do a ride to Leh’


Joyce Pereira, a senior cabin crew member, has been an active participant in cause-based rides across the country. She has also participated in many Independence Day rides led by the Indian army in Mumbai. Joyce shares how she found her love for bikes. She says, “I started riding when I was 16. Motorcycles seemed like these huge machines to me and they intrigued me. And my dad’s influence was far reaching in this regard, both professionally and personally. He always knew that I liked motorcycles as I used to take my cousin’s bike and drive around. So, one day he asked me if I want to buy my own machine. I still remember the day when I went to the store and finally purchased one with my own savings, it was definitely a proud moment for me and my dad.” She adds, “Ever since, he has always motivated me, from the day when I met with an accident to purchasing an upgraded version of the motorcycle and the day, I accomplished my ride to Leh – the most difficult trail. I’ve tagged him along with me as a pillion on many random small trips, but once things settle, I am planning a trip with him to Dudhani, a town in Dadra and Nagar Haveli.”


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