How world’s costliest mangoes are guarded

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IMAGE: The world’s ‘costliest’ mango is guarded by 9 dogs. Photograph: ANI Photo

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How the world’s costliest mango is guarded

Date: June 18
Location: Jabalpur

Can you imagine a mango that costs Rs 21,000 per fruit?

A farmer in Jabalbur grows these much coveted mangoes.

And, this year, he has hired three security guards and nine dogs to protect his precious trees.

When Akshay Kumar danced with BSF jawans

Date: June 18
Location: Gurez, Kashmir

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar spent a memorable day with Border Security Force jawans.

Bollywood’s favourite ‘Khiladi’ donated Rs 1 crore (rs 10 million) to improve school infrastructure in villages near the Line of Control.

100-year-old Odisha woman defeats COVID

Date: June 19
Location: Nayagarh, Odisha

Sumati Nayak, a centenarian from Nayagarh district’s Khandapada area, has beaten the dreaded COVID disease.

She was infected with COVID on June 5 and admitted to the COVID hospital near Khandapada after her oxygen levels dropped. As a result of the dedicated care provided by her doctor and nurses, she defeated the deadly virus.

District Collector Dr Poma Tudu said, “She was declared fit on June 16 and has returned home.”

A village untouched by COVID

Date: June 22
Location: Coimbatore

Chinnampathy, a tribal village situated in the hilly area of Coimbatore, has remained COVID-free.

The villagers don’t wear masks and don’t welcome outsiders.

They believe they will not get infected by the coronavirus as they eat only green vegetables.

Tripura’s 9-year-old yoga enthusiast

Date: June 21
Location: Agartala

A 9-year-old yoga enthusiast from Agartala performed difficult asanas to mark June 21, the International Day of Yoga.

This little health enthusiast was mentioned in the India Book of Records for performing the Baddha Konasana for 5.10 seconds. He created a new record of 10.03 seconds for the Asia Book of Records on April 29, 2021.

Listen in as he shares his healthy lifestyle tips.

ITBP officer’s Surya Namaskar in sub-zero temperature

Date: June 21
Location: Ladakh

An Indo-Tibetan Border Police officer celebrated the International Day of Yoga at an altitude of 18,000 feet.

The officer, who is part of ITBP’s Himveer unit, performed the Surya Namaskar in sub-zero temperatures in Ladakh.

Leopard strolls through Agra

Date: June 22
Location: Agra

A leopard was spotted at a residential area in Agra on June 22.

Forest officials captured the spotted cat and released it into its natural habitat before it could do any damage.

Saina, Parupalli get romantic at the Taj

Date: June 22 Location: Agra

Badminton stars Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap, visited the Taj Mahal on June 22.

Mulberry harvesting in full swing

Date: June 22
Location: Mirgund, Kashmir

Delicious mulberries are being harvested across different parts of the Kashmir Valley.

The farmers are happy about this year’s yield, the result of favourable climatic conditions.

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