National Conference’s Mehdi threatens to quit; Jammu’s Ikkjutt Party protests

National Conference leader Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi has said that if his party agrees to fight elections even without restoration of Article 370, he may have to take the extreme measure of parting ways with the NC.

Mehdi, a popular Shia politician and three-time legislator from central Kashmir’s Budgam district, said that he does not have much expectation from the meeting of J&K political parties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I don’t want to give any credibility to unconstitutional and illegal decision made on August 5 and 6 of 2019,” Mehdi told ET. He is awaiting the final decision of the NC on participation in elections. “I will fight till the last moment. When the party decides on elections and if it doesn’t go as per my stand, natural consequences will follow…I will not accept what happened on August 5, 2019, as fait accompli,” he said.

In a related development, the Ikkjutt party in Jammu held protest at several places against the meeting, terming it as a black day for the region. “By engaging with the Gupkar gang the BJP has compromised its ideology and failed the people of Jammu and the whole nation…they are trying to appease the international community by compromising on national interest,” said Ankur Sharma, Ikkjutt’s Jammu leader. Source

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