Four students arrested for attempted bombing at Israeli embassy in India

Indian police inarrested four men suspected of that they were involved in an attempt to bomb the Israeli embassy in India back in January, Army Radio tweeted on Thursday.

The four suspects were reported by the Press Trust of India news agency to be college students. They were arrested in Kargil, in the Ladakh union territory that is part of disputed Kashmir region. These arrests follow two suspects who were caught on CCTV footage, and efforts were made by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to identify them, including tthe offering monetary rewards, India TV reported last week.Jaish-ul-Hind, a terror organization believed to be associated with Iran, took responsibility for the attack six months ago. There were no casualties or damage to the embassy building at the time. The organization has been in the news recently for suspected involvement in the murder of a businessman Mansukh Hiran and planting an explosive device on his car in the vicinity of the home of a prominent industrialist Mukesh Ambani in South Mumbai, according to the Hindustan Times.This was not the first attack against an Israeli target in India. Two bombs were planted on cars owned by Israeli diplomats in Tbilisi and New Delhi back in 2012. The bomb failed to detonate in Tbilisi, but went off in New Delhi, wounding an embassy staffer. Reuters and Udi Shaham contributed to this report. Source

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