China Realised it Needs Better Training Post Galwan: CDS Gen Rawat

Meanwhile, he asserted that Indian soldiers are extensively trained in mountain warfare training and adept in fighting in these regions, adding that the Indian Army operates in mountains and continuously maintains its presence.

He said further, “We have to keep our guard and keep a watch on all activities of the Chinese forces. In doing so, we have to maintain presence along LAC,” ANI quoted.

CDS Rawat was also questioned about the importance of the northern and western fronts, in view of the increased deployment in these regions.

To this he answered, “We have maintained a kind of posture that our troops deployed at northern borders are capable of functioning at western border and vice versa. Yes, we have committed some additional troops on the northern border as we find they are becoming more active and are a primary threat to us.”

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on 15 June 2020, amid violent clashes with Chinese.


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