Ladakh emerging as sporting powerhouse in India with focus in endurance games

Ladakh is emerging as sporting powerhouse in India with focus in endurance games. With success of long distance marathoners, cyclists along with ice hockey teams, now focus is on other sports.

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Sporting fraternity remembers Ladakh for its successful marathoners, cyclists, agile ice hockey players and mountaineers. Ladakh players are now getting due recognition for their success.

Ice hockey sport is due to get national recognition. Ladakh produces almost entire national team. Taking the advantage of natural conditions, in endurance sports like cycling and long distance running, Ladakh youths excelled in the national arena.

Ladakh union territory administration has focussed on developing World class sports infrastructure upto block level. It is nearly completing different sports projects including open stadium and international standard ice hockey stadium at a cost of 120 crore rupees.

Apart from modern games, traditional sports like archery and polo are part of the Ladakh culture. With infrastructure development, and job reservation for national level medal winners, Ladakh sports persons are looking at a bright future. With incentives and infrastructure UT aims to produce Olympians from Ladakh in the next five years.


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