We will lock the assembly doors on unfair distribution of budget: Ghulam Shehzad Agha

PPP leader and member Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly Ghulam Shehzad Agha, while speaking against the attitude of the government, said that Khalid Khurshid is not the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan but is working unilaterally as the Chief Minister of PTI.

He said that if the government tries to ignore the opposition members in the development projects and distributes the budget unfairly, the system of the assembly will be disrupted. He said that if the unfair budget is distributed, the opposition along with the people will lock the doors of the assembly.

He further said that the construction and development of the constituency from which the PTI representatives have lost should be stopped.

“Is it not the responsibility of the government to provide water, electricity, health and road facilities there? If the development budget is not distributed fairly, the assembly will be in turmoil,” he added.

He said that many members are in government on contract and project basis and to form the PTI government. A few members have been added as tenants. What can the nation expect from these tenants? These tenants will say goodbye to PTI after five years. He has said that if the Chief Minister does not cooperate with the opposition, the opposition will not remain silent.


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