The worst possible experience

The name of this company should be “ThrilloPHOBIA” because the experience I’ve had with them has done exactly that to me.

I planned a trip with them to Leh Ladakh in the last week of March 2021, travel dates were 24th June-30th June 2021. I made requests for specific hotels which they confirmed after I made 50% payment on 7th April 2021. Their sales team is very persuasive and good with their words and they assure you that everything will be taken care of, but alas! Here we are. Travel date is 2 days away and my booking isn’t confirmed yet.

I was pestered into making 50% payment URGENTLY otherwise they won’t be able to confirm the hotels of my choice. So I did that on 6th April 2021. I was told that I will be sent the hotel confirmation vouchers on 7th April. They didn’t send it. Once they received the money, they stopped corresponding from their end altogether. I was the one making phone calls almost every single day to get updates and confirmations. I spoke to 4 different sales reps regarding my concerns (Names: Harsh, Chitransh, Amit, Pranav) who all assured me that they’ll be the final SPOC from now on. They weren’t. Then the headache was transferred to thr Ops team. I spoke to 3 of them (Names: Parth, Shubham, Prakriti) who all made the same meaningless promises. “Don’t worry sir, everything is in order.” Nothing was in order. After pestering them for months, they reluctantly sent me a written confirmation of my hotel and trip booking on 14 June 2021. On 21 June, just 3 days before date of travel, I receive a phone call telling me that the hotels at 2 out of our 3 destinations are sold out and can’t be reserved for me. (Reminder: they were supposed to be confirmed on 6th April 2021) And that’s it. That was the end of the conversation. They did not give me any solution to it. Just informed me and said that they’ll get back to me shortly. Which they didn’t, obviously. Where did thr 50% booking amount go that was URGENTLY needed to confirm my hotels almost 3 MONTHS BACK?! Did they lose it to gambling? Or a bad investment in crypto? Perhaps some retail therapy? I’ll never know. I demanded to speak with their operations head – Ms. Harshita – and I was told that she’s in a meeting. Must’ve been a long, tiring meeting because that was about 7 hours ago and I haven’t received a revert even after 6-7 reminders. So now, my flights are booked to travel in 2 days, and I have nowhere to stay, even after paying a hefty amount for it.

I have written confirmation proofs of all my payments, the supposed confirmation of my hotels, and all WhatsApp chats starting from 16th March 2021 – present day. I will be taking this up with them legally if things are not sorted out within 24 hours. To Team Thrillophilia – if you’re reading this – This is not a threat, you’ve just tested my patience for too long now and I see this as the only way out.

People write bad reviews about travel companies after their trips are finished. Well, I’ve had the absolute worst experience of my life, even before the trip has started. I guess there’s a first time for everything indeed.


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