Ladakh takes several measures to preserve herbs from extinction

Ladakh is hub of herbal wealth in Trans-Himalayan region. Most of these wild herbs are important component in traditional health and wellness System of Medicine, Sowa – Rigpa. UT Ladakh is taking several measures to preserve herbs from extinction and promote it for socio economic development of the society. A special story on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of AIR, Leh on 25th of this month.

Research and Development on herbal wealth has been ramped up in Ladakh. National Research Institute for Sowa -Rigpa, has found one thousand species of herbs in Ladakh. Out of these, 525 species have been identified as either medicinal or with aromatic values. UT Administration is in the process of establishment of State Medicinal Plants Board for promotion of medicinal plants in Ladakh. Various Promotional projects worth two crore rupees are in pipeline for execution in next two years. National Research Institute for Sowa Rig-Pa has also started research on domestication of wild herbs for its preservation and promotion by applying technologies like protected cultivation, trench cultivation and chemical treatments. Cultivation of six herbs have started on large scale while research on other wild herbs are in progress through seeds vegetation or vegetative reproduction.

Indian traditional Sowa – Rigpa system of medicine is popular in Himalayan region. To promote this medicinal system, first national level research institute was set up in Ladakh as an apex body.


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