PPP will resist inequitable distribution of budget in GB

PPP has termed the unequal distribution of budget as unjust and said that if the government implements its decision, there will be full resistance. It is the duty of the government to solve the problems of all areas without any discrimination.

PPP President and Opposition Leader Advocate Amjad said, “We have approached the court against the unequal distribution of budget. The petition will be heard today.”

He said that we are trying to solve the basic problems of the people. He added that the government should carry out development work in all areas of Gilgit-Baltistan without any discrimination and focus on solving the basic problems of the people.

He said that it was unfortunate that many important projects of Gilgit-Baltistan have been excluded from the development program.

“If the government does not pay attention to the issue of water, a huge crisis would arise and then no one would be able to handle the situation,” he said.

Advocate Amjad said that all the members of the assembly are representatives of the people. There should be no allocation of opposition and government members in development works, He said the government does not treat all areas equally in development works, there are development projects in the constituencies of government members and the constituencies of opposition members are deprived of those.

He said that the PPP will not remain silent against any injustice.

In a statement, PPP member Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly and provincial information secretary Sadia Danish said that the provincial government strongly condemns the highly unfair distribution of budget among government and opposition members.

Opposition members are also elected public representatives so they too should be given a development budget on the basis of equality. Under the PPP government, women and technocrats including opposition members got development budgets on the basis of equality.

We will protest against any such dictatorial behavior of this government inside and outside the assembly she added.

The PTI has once again set the worst example of gender discrimination by ignoring women members. The budget given to women MPs is like cumin in a camel’s mouth. Their actions prove that women’s empowerment is not one of the PTI’s priorities. The PTI has adopted a double standard in the distribution of budget among government and opposition members, which is reprehensible. The Chief Minister, like former Chief Minister Hafeez-ur-Rehman, wants to block the opposition by allocating resources to its members.

Giving budgets only to government members and putting opposition members against the wall seems to be a plan of corruption.

He further said that PPP has fully appreciated the good deeds of the Chief Minister but we will fully resist any injustice. Gilgit-Baltistan will not remain silent on the allocation of resources and injustice to the people. Giving a meager budget to the members of the opposition is depriving the people of their constituencies of development work, which is a total injustice.

“Tell the Chief Minister whether the people of the constituencies who voted for the opposition members are not entitled to the development budget on the sole ground that they have not voted for the PTI,” he added.


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