Analysts call for addressing root causes of Kashmir, Palestine conflicts

Dr. Rasool Baksh Raees (Expert on International Relations): Pakistan is committed to highlight Indian and Israeli brutalities against innocent people at every international forum. Israel and India are committing atrocities and the worst human rights violations in Palestine and IIOJK. The illegal occupation is against the international laws and charter of the United Nations. It is high time when the world powers should come forward and support the people of Palestine and IIOJ&K on humanitarian grounds. It is appreciable that the world community has come out against Israeli aggression against the innocent people of Palestine. It is a diplomatic victory of Pakistan that the world has condemned Indian brutalities in IIOJK.

Dr. Talat Wazarat: (Expert on International Relations):  Pakistan has always raised the voice of suppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine. The United Nations has failed to implement its resolutions on Kashmir and Palestine. The right of self-determination is the just right of people of Kashmir. The issue of Palestine is still pending. Israel has illegally occupied the Palestinian land against the UN resolutions and international laws. The United Nations seems helpless in front of Israel and India. The United Nations has lost its credibility in terms of Kashmir and Palestinians conflicts. Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices in the counter-terrorism war initiated by the United States.

Dr. Abdul Wajid (Expert on International Relations): The violations of international laws are not acceptable by any civilized country of the world. Unfortunately, the United Nations has failed to play an active role to resolve the issues of Palestine and IIOJK. The worst human rights violations committed by Israel are highly condemnable. The United States is backing Israel against Palestine. Pakistan has taken a firm stance that the issue of Palestine must be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions. Israel is committing the worst brutalities to suppress the freedom movement led by the people of Palestine. The United States and other global powers have failed to stop Israeli atrocities in Palestine. Ceasefire is not the permanent solution of the Palestine conflict. Indian Modi regime is following the footsteps of Israel in IIOJK. Israeli and Indian forces are committing Muslim genocide. The world has observed a criminal silence over these atrocities. The silence of the world has further escalated the situation in conflict zones. The Muslim world must take an aggressive stance against the oppressor states. The Muslim leaders must make collective efforts to safeguard the rights of suppressed Muslims.

Dr. Aaliya Hashmi (Economist): Pakistan has introduced reforms to attract foreign direct investment to maximally utilize this facility. Pakistan is focused on connectivity by promoting trade, transit and energy flows among Central and South Asia and Middle-East . EU is a traditional friend and a major economic partner of Pakistan as trade is an important aspect of multi-faceted relationship. ): Pakistan has great potential for trade with European Union. The economic blocks of the world are now focusing on Pakistan for investment. Trade, climate change and digitalization are the priority for Pakistan-EU future collaboration. Economy is the central point of Pakistan’s foreign policy. A large number of Pakistani students studying in European institutions can be useful in straightening the economic cooperation between Pakistan and Europe.  

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