Jammu & Kashmir: Retired Army Servicemen Spread COVID-19 Awareness, Provide People With Medical Assistance

A group of retired servicemen of the Army have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness about the second wave of coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur district

The group also helps identify people carrying COVID symptoms and help them get medical attention. The team now plans to visit door-to-door in various district areas and make people aware of the ongoing pandemic and the precautions to be taken.

“We are informing them about what they can do, in case they experience Covid-19 symptoms,” Naib Subedar Sohan Singh, one of the members, spoke to news agency ANI.

Dr Pankaj Dogra, an ex-serviceman, said the team is primarily helping health authorities identify people with symptoms and spreading awareness among them. “It is the need of the hour. We are prioritising on saving as many lives as possible,” Dogra added.

“We are also informing people what to do in case they develop symptoms,” Subedar Major Fardool Singh told the media.

The former army men also check the oxygen level and pulse rate of people exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, besides advising them to visit the nearby health facility and get tested.

They note down the readings in a diary and inform the authorities accordingly. The locals have widely appreciated the move.

The district administration had also started aggressive door-to-door services after the COVID cases shot up in rural areas. Jammu Deputy Commissioner Anshul Garg informed that earlier, more cases were reported from urban and congested areas, but now rural and remote areas have become red zones.

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